With more than 300 unique capture and utilization technologies at various stages of development and more than 450 projects that use these technologies, this compendium is the most comprehensive database of CEM technologies and projects to our knowledge.

Much of the information within the compendium is based on our engagement with these technology developers and project managers.

Although a significant share of the ongoing work in this space is represented, this compendium is not exhaustive. We expect the technologies and projects to continue to develop beyond their current stage of development. As part of our commitment to promoting technology-neutrality and advancing market opportunities for industry, we welcome any company or project to be included in this growing compendium.

Users are invited to explore the expansive variety of technologies and projects in the compendium and connect with the innovators and project managers listed. If you are seeking further engagement with any of the technologies or projects, our team is ready to assist you — contact Haley Armstrong for more information.

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About the Report: Innovations and Markets in Carbon Emissions Management

This compendium is accompanied by a report, Innovations and Markets in Carbon Emissions Management, prepared by AJW, Inc. on behalf of The Institute of Clean Air Companies.

The report highlights the surprisingly diverse range of viable CEM technologies currently under development. The report also proposes policy improvements that will be necessary to provide a competitive and stable market where these technologies have the ability to scale-up to meet the challenge and thrive globally.

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