Alstom-Dow Chilled Ammonia Process
Chilled Ammonia Process
Technology Owner: Alstom
About: Combines chilled flue gas and ammonia to absorb CO2 and create ammonium bicarbonate; Slipstream of flue gas is chilled, combined with a solution of ammonium carbonate, which absorbs the CO2 to create ammonium bicarbonate; Ammonium bicarbonate solution is pressurized, heated in separate process to produce a high-purity stream of CO2, which is compressed and piped for storage into deep geologic formations, approximately 1.5 miles beneath the plant surface.
Application: Industrial Capture
Type: Post-Combustion
Utilization: CO2 to ammonium bicarbonate for pure CO2 for storage
Location: France
Partners: n/a
Contact Information
Name: Justine Rohee
Phone: +33 157061881