REX-CO2 Project

The REX-CO2 project will develop a procedure and tools for evaluating existing hydrocarbon wells for CO2 storage, helping stakeholders make informed decisions on the potential re-use of certain wells or fields. A key output will be a software tool, developed – using case study evaluations from the six participating countries – for screening and assessing wells for their re-use potential.

PrISMa Project

PrISMa aims to accelerate the low-carbon transition in the energy and industrial sectors by developing a technology platform to deliver bespoke, cost-effective carbon capture solutions for a range of different CO2 sources and CO2 uses/destinations.

Steeper Energy – Hydrofaction™

Hydrofaction™ is Steeper Energy’s proprietary implementation of hydrothermal liquefaction which applies supercritical water as a reaction medium for the conversion of biomass directly into a high-energy density renewable crude oil, referred to as Hydrofaction™ Oil. Steeper’s unique process mimics and accelerates nature by subjecting wet biomass to heat and high pressure.

Questor Technology

Thermal oxidizers to capture methane and associated gas containing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. The hot exit gases from the stacks are clean and readily utilized for use in other process improvements, such as utility heat, power generation and to waste water purification.