Technology Owner: Biothermica
About: Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) for mine mouth methane capture/ ventilation air methane (VAM). VAMOX® converts VAM to CO2 and water vapor, with a methane destruction efficiency of up to 98%. RTO’s design can be customized using a proven process simulator to optimize the system’s performance over the specific range of VAM flow rate and methane concentration specified. VAMOX® requires low parasitic power consumption and is built in modular sections that can be easily dismantled and moved within approximately two months to different shafts. This technology was the first ventilation air methane (VAM) oxidation unit to be operational at an active mine in North America at the Warrior Met Coal (formerly Walter Energy) mine.
Application: Fugitive Emissions Capture
Type: Mine Mouth Methane Capture
Utilization: Thermal heat near plant; Steam generation for power generation
Location: Canada
Partners: Warrior Met Coal (formerly Walter Energy)
Contact Information
Name: Dominique Kay
Phone: (514) 488-3881 x228