Calix Flash Calcination
Technology Owner: Calix
About: "Calix Flash Calcination" (CFC) reinvents the kiln; Grinds minerals to 1/1000 mm, mixes powered minerals with steam, and flashes heats from a combustion source; The CO2 and powder are separated by a filter; The steam is turned to water for the pure CO2 wast stream for utilization; The powder creates a porous, honeycomb structure to make new products; Supplying technology for current pilot projects in Belgium (LEILAC Project).
Application: Industrial Capture/Utilization
Type: Post-Combustion
Utilization: CO2 to wastewater treatment, sewer infrastructure, aquaculture, and agriculture
Location: Australia
Partners: n/a
Contact Information
Name: Bill Karis
E-mail: n/a
Phone: 02 8199 7400