Cambridge Carbon Capture - CO₂LOC
Cambridge Carbon Capture - CO₂LOC
Technology Owner: Cambridge Carbon Capture
About: CO₂LOC: Low energy digestion of silicate minerals with NaOH to produce low-cost Mg(OH)₂ for the carbon-capture stage; By-products from this initial process include silicon dioxide and a number of trace metals; CO₂ capture standard scrubbing technologies can be used to contact the CO₂ containing gas with a Mg(OH)₂ slurry in which the Mg(OH)₂ reacts with the CO₂ to produce MgCO3; The MgCO3 is filtered out, forming a rock-like substance, permanently storing the sequestered carbon in solid-form; This can be used as a base to many commercial products and to make construction materials where its fire-proof properties add benefit. Modelling suggests that the commercial value of the by-products of the process is greater than the cost of capture, offering the potential of profitable CO₂ capture and sequestration.
Application: Utilization
Type: Long-term Storage
Utilization: Silicon dioxide; metals; magnesium carbonate; permanent sequestration.
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Partners: H21 Leeds City Gate, Captivate (National Grid CO2 capture demonstration project), TATA Steel, Northern Gas Networks, Innovate UK, YLEM, Wales & West Utilities, Energy Innovation Centre, National Grid, CRH
Contact Information
Name: Michael Evans
Phone: +44 (0)7795 025550