Carbon Clean Solutions- APBS CARBex: Biogas/Landfill gas upgrading
APBS CARBex: Biogas/ Landfill gas Upgrading
Technology Owner: Carbon Clean Solutions
About: Methane gas upgrading solvent used for bio methane and landfill has upgrading applications; The solvent can remove CO2 concentrations of up to 50 vol. % in the feed gas to provide a pipeline or transportation-fuel quality methane; APBS-CARBex can also offer improved operating performance than alternative solvents like aMDEA, MEA, and DGA for CO2 removal systems operating at low pressures; Approximately 30 reference sites in Western Europe.
Application: Fugitive Emissions Capture
Type: Landfill Gas
Utilization: CO2 ready for transport, sequestration, or conversion into CO2 products (CCU)
Location: Great Britain
Partners: n/a
Contact Information
Name:Will Shimer
Phone: (872) 206-0197