Carbon Clean Solutions- APBS CRDMax
Technology Owner: Carbon Clean Solutions
About: Solvent and process for post-combustion carbon; Captures CO2 capture solvent used for industrial flue gases or off-gases with CO2 concentrations ranging from 3 vol. % to 25 vol. %; The solvent can be paired with the CDRMax process or used as a drop-replacement for alternative solvents, like DGA and MEA, for low pressure gas separations; APBS-CDRMax has high solvent stability, low corrosively, low regeneration energy requirements, and holds up well in oxygen environments; Commercial demonstration facility located in Southern India.
Application: Industrial Capture
Type: Post-Combustion
Utilization: CO2 ready for transport, sequestration, or conversion into CO2 products (CCU)
Location: Great Britain
Partners: Horizon 2020, GTI/ DOE/ NETL, University of Kentucky
Contact Information
Name:Will Shimer
Phone: (872) 206-0197