Carbon Engineering - Direct Air Capture
Direct Air Capture
Technology Owner: Carbon Engineering
About: Carbon Engineering’s direct air capture process separates CO2 from atmospheric air in a four-step process. First, atmospheric air is run over an air contactor using a strong hydroxide solution that captures CO2 and turns it into carbonate. Second, the carbonate is run through a pellet-reactor to refine the carbonate into small calcium carbonate pellets. Third, the pellets are heated up, releasing a pure stream of CO2 and leaving behind calcium oxide. Finally, the calcium oxide is rehydrated with water to regenerate the hydroxide solution, closing the chemical loop.
Application: Atmospheric Capture
Type: Direct Air Capture
Utilization: Enhanced Oil Recovery; Air to Fuels; Geologic Storage; Saline Sequestration
Location: Squamish, B.C., Canada
Partners: Bill Gates, Murray Edwards, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, LLC, Chevron Technology Ventures, and BHP. CE has been well supported within the clean-tech innovation system and has led projects funded by top-tier government agencies in both Canada and the USA.
Contact Information
Name: Geoff Holmes
Phone: n/a