Transforms methane into continuous clean energy with near-zero emissions; Ener-Core’s Power Oxidizer works by replacing a combustion reaction with a chemically smilier, but slower chemical oxidation r reaction that occurs at lower temperatures than combustion; Our approach provides a unique and unparalleled value proposition, allowing for the extraction of energy from previously unusable fuels, significantly reducing harmful pollutants, and creating useful energy products.

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Carbon Clean Solutions- APBS CARBex

Methane gas upgrading solvent used for bio methane and landfill has upgrading applications; The solvent can remove CO2 concentrations of up to 50 vol. % in the feed gas to provide a pipeline or transportation-fuel quality methane; APBS-CARBex can also offer improved operating performance than alternative solvents like aMDEA, MEA, and DGA for CO2 removal systems operating at low pressures; Approximately 30 reference sites in Western Europe.

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