CO2MENT Project
CO2MENT Project
Technology Owner: Svante, Carbon Cure, Upcycling Technologies, Opus 12
About: CCUS demonstration project now in its second phase at Lafarge's Richmond cement plant. Flue gas from the plant’s manufacturing facility is now captured through Svante’s equipment – reducing the amount of gases released into the atmosphere. The system purifies the cement flue gas by trapping its contaminants to enable an efficient and durable CO2 capture process. Now that Phase II is underway, Phase III - a demonstration of CO2 utilization solutions such as reinjecting it into low-carbon fuels, CO2 concrete, and fly ash – will begin in 2020. Demonstration plant for Carbon Cure, Carbon Upcycling Technologies, Opus 12.
Application: Utilization
Type: Long-term Storage
Utilization: Concrete
Location: Canada
Partners: Svante, Carbon Cure, Opus 12, Carbon Upcycling Technologies
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