Technology Owner: Electricore, Inc.
About: Advanced Structured Adsorbent Architectures for Transformative CO2 Capture Performance; Developing an optimized CO2 capture technology architecture in collaboration with Svante, Inc., DNV GL USA, and Sustain; Process includes a dual-adsorbent bi-layer structured adsorbent design with a thermal conductive matrix that will enable a rapid temperature swing 40 to 100 times faster than a conventional thermal swing process; In-house bench-scale testing will be conducted on simulated and actual flue gas from a gas-fired boiler.
Application: Industrial Capture
Type: Post-Combustion
Utilization: n/a
Location: Spain
Partners: Svante, Inc., DNV GL USA, Susteon
Contact Information
Name: n/a
E-mail: n/a
Phone: (661) 607-0260