Technology Owner: greenSand
About: CO2 is sequestering by enhanced weathering with olivine. Olivine is a common mineral avaliable anywhere in earth's subsurface. It reacts simply with the CO2 (acid) from the atmosphere. The chemical reaction is Mg2SiO4 + 4CO2 + 2H2O => 2Mg2+ + 4HCO3- + SiO2. Herewith olivine takes up 1 times her own weight on CO2. The final products of the reaction are silicon dioxide, magnesium carbonate, and small amounts of iron oxide. greenSand prevents acidification of (agricultural) soil and water, making an optimal lime substitute and a sustainable soil nutrient.
Application: Atmospheric Capture
Type: Long-term Storage
Utilization: CO2 to silicon dioxide, magnesium carbonate, iron oxide
Location: The Netherlands
Partners: MVO Netherland
Contact Information
Name: n/a
Phone:+31 20 260 1075