Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
In Planning
Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, Humber Region
Technology Owner: UK Research and Innovation
About: Funding has been secured to finance turning the Humber region into the world's first zero-carbon cluster. The project is planned to start by using an anchor project that is already in operation or near-completion. This base would begin the process of decarbonization by capturing and storing carbon, as well as switching to low-carbon hydrogen as fuel. The project will use carbon capture and storage as well as hydrogen technologies to decarbonize energy and industry in the area, which will have the potential to capture and store approximately 10% of the UK's CO2 emissions per year by 2040.
Application: Industrial Capture
Type: Post-Combustion
Utilization: Long-Term Storage
Location: Humber, United Kingdom
Partners: SSE Thermal, Associate British Ports; Centrica Storage Ltd; Equinor; National Grid Ventures; Phillips 66 Ltd; Px Limited; Salted Cogeneration Company Limited; VPI-Immingham LLP; Uniper
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