Liquid Wind
In Planning
Liquid Wind - E-Methanol
Technology Owner: Carbon Clean Solutions & Haldor Topsoe
About: Liquid Wind will develop, finance, build and manage standardised facilities that produce e-methanol from renewable electricity and upcycled carbon dioxide. Waste carbon dioxide will be captured from large emitters using Carbon Clean Solutions' post-combustion capture technology. The captured CO2 will then be transported to a nearby e-methanol facility, where the CO2 is combined with hydrogen, making liquid methanol. The methanol can be stored and distributed for renewable fuels or feedstock. The methanol facility will utilize Nel's electrolyzer technology and Haldor Topsoe's SynCOR Methanol technology. The electrolyzer will convert water into hydrogen. Haldor Topsoe's technology mixes CO2 and hydrogen to create the methanol.
Application: Utilization
Type: Short-term Recycling
Utilization: Renewable fuels
Location: Sweden
Partners: Haldor Topsoe, Nel, Carbon Clean Solutions, COWI
Contact Information
Name: Claes Frederiksson