Pond Technologies
Pond Technologies
Technology Owner: Pond Technologies
About: Grows algae in large bioreactors, which are engineering to automatically regulate the inflow of CO2 from raw, unfiltered stack gas or nutrients while reducing the need for manual supervision; Algae can then be processed into products such as high protein feed, natural food dyes, bioplastics, and more.
Application: Industrial Capture
Type: Post-Combustion
Utilization: CO2 to algae to byproducts
Location: Canada
Partners: Inventiv Capital, Government of Ontario, National Research Council Canada, Canadian Gas Association, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Natural Products Canada, Stelco, Votorantim Cimentos (St. Mary's Cement), Markham District Energy, UnionGas (Spectra Energy), CNRL, Solaris
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Phone: (416) 287-3835