Power to Methanol Feasibility Study
Power to Methanol Feasibility Study
Technology Owner: INOVYN
About: A study is being conducted to find feasible methods for sustainable methanol production in Antwerp, Belgium. A consortium of 7 companies will oversee the study and focus on producing methanol from captured carbon dioxide and hydrogen. By utilizing sustainably generated hydrogen (from sources such as wind and solar) and processing it with captured CO2 from energy plants, the project sees methanol production as a viable outcome. Depending on the results of this study, an 8,000tpa industrial-scale demonstration plant will be built at INOVYN's chemical manufacturing plant in Lillo.
Application: Utilization
Type: Short-term Recycling
Utilization: Chemicals
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Partners: ENGIE, the Flemish Environmental Holding Company, Fluxys, Indaver, Oiltanking, and Port of Antwerp
Contact Information
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