Technology Owner: Sindicatum
About: Landfill gas-to-energy; Power plants which capture methane pollution from municipal waste sanitary landfills use it to generate clean electricity; Combustion of mixed (unprocessed or minimally processed) solid waste in an incinerator; Combustion gases flow through a heat recovery boiler, where water is heated to produce steam; The steam can be used to power a turbine and associated generator, producing electric power that can be exported to the electric power network; MSW combustion systems have multiple air pollution control devices to control emissions of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and other pollutants.
Application: Fugitive Emissions Capture
Type: Landfill Gas
Utilization: Methane to energy
Location: Singapore
Partners: Kamphaeng Sen East & West (Nakhon Pathon Providence, Thailand), Crane (Nakhon Pathon Province, Thailand)
Contact Information
Name: n/a
Phone: 65 6732 8897