Steeper Energy - Hydrofaction™
Technology Owner: Steeper Energy
About: Hydrofaction™ is Steeper Energy’s proprietary implementation of hydrothermal liquefaction which applies supercritical water as a reaction medium for the conversion of biomass directly into a high-energy density renewable crude oil, referred to as Hydrofaction™ Oil. Steeper’s unique process mimics and accelerates nature by subjecting wet biomass to heat and high pressure. Hydrofaction™ utilizes a wide-range of biomass feedstocks and one of the competitive strengths of Hydrofaction™ is the ability to process feedstocks as-harvested without the requirement of pre-drying. Hydrofaction™ Oil is a high quality renewable crude oil that can be upgraded into diesel or jet fuels as well as used as a source of molecules for bio-chemicals and bio-lubricants. Hydrofaction™ Oil has a higher energy content and lower oxygen content than bio-oils produced by competing thermochemical pathways. The energy content of Hydrofaction™ Oil is similar to fossil crudes however it has Oxygen rather than Sulphur contamination. Hydrofaction™ Oil can be upgraded into renewable diesel, marine and/or jet fuel at existing refineries, where it is co-processed with fossil crudes, or in-situ within built-for-purpose upgraders. Once upgraded, products derived from Hydrofaction™ Oil can be used as renewable blendstocks for transport fuels and are functionally equivalent to their fossil counterparts.
Application: Atmospheric Capture
Utilization: Biomass to fuels
Location: Calgary, Canada and Copenhagen, Denmark
Partners: Silva Green Fuel, MITACS, AITF
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