University of Kentucky - CO2 Reuse with Microalgae
CO2 Reuse with Microalgae
Technology Owner: University of Kentucky
About: Microalgae-based process to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-fired flue gas to value-added products utilizing a dual photobioreactor (PBR)/pond cultivation strategy. The resulting algal biomass can be converted to bioplastics, chemicals, and fuels. In order to decrease the cost of algae cultivation and hence CO2 capture, the project team will investigate the combined PBR/pond cultivation system in which low-cost PBRs produce a concentrated monoculture that is used to inoculate conventional raceway ponds.
Application: Utilization
Type: Short-term Recycling
Utilization: CO2 to bioplastics, chemicals, and fuels
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Partners: Colorado State University, the University of Delaware, and ALGIX LLC
Contact Information
Name: Dr. Mark Crocker
Phone: n/a