Weizmann Institute of Science - Carbon fixation pathways in E. coli
Carbon fixation pathways in E. coli
Technology Owner: Weizmann Institute
About: E. coli bacteria have been gradually trained to use carbon dioxide as food, rather than sugar, building their biomass from the air. Researchers converted the common lab, sugar-eating (heterotrophic) E. coli bacterium to produce all of its biomass from CO2 (autotrophic), using metabolic engineering combined with lab evolution. The new bacterium uses the compound formate as a form of chemical energy to drive CO2 fixation by a synthetic metabolic pathway. The bacterium may provide the infrastructure for the future renewable production of food and green fuels.
Application: Atmospheric Capture
Type: Direct Air Capture
Utilization: Bacterium to food and green fuels
Location: Israel
Partners: Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program; the Larson Charitable Foundation New Scientist Fund; the Ullmann Family Foundation; Dana and Yossie Hollander; and the European Research Council
Contact Information
Name:Prof. Ron Milo